University Fashion Editorial

The editorial is inspired by Blade Runner (1982). The story is about a Replicant who is being persecuted by Blade Runners. In the editorial, like in the movie, the replicant is shown with a strong personality and emotions while on the other hand Blade Runners have no emotions.

The color palette of the editorial followed 2 of the main colors of the movie. Red and Black. The all red looks idea is because red in Blade Runner is used to portray the violence, the spilled blood and the black of the environment portrays the darkness, as there is no natural light in the movie. Black was also used in the styling of the Blade Runners, to represent through that they are the ones that behave like androids.

One of the scenes of the movie that inspired the editorial the most, was when Zhora gets assassinated, the cruelty, graphicness, inspired the mood of the editorial also the feeling that Replicants are always being watched.

Creative Direction and Styling by Me.